CONSULTATION is a great way to move forward in defining and implementing your vision of what you want for your home.

Fees start at $995 per room for a general consultation and $495 for a mini. The basic fee is $125 per hour with minimums of four to 7 hours depending on distance and scope of project. Larger projects such as new construction price out at $3-5 per square foot depending on scope or project.

Some of the ways I can help include . . .

  • FINDING YOUR STYLE – Maybe you aren’t even sure what look you want or like or why?  Maybe you feel as if you like everything and can’t commit or make decisions to move forward in your design.  I can help listen about the things you do like and help you define your look and make it work.
  • SHOPPING – Maybe you know what you like but are just busy and don’t have the time to find it or perhaps you have no clue where to start. Whether in person or online I can help source items for your home.  If you live locally, I can also help direct you to craftsmen, sewing workrooms and upholstery and slipcover sources.
  • USING WHAT YOU HAVE – Whether it is for one room or your entire house, I can help you decide ‘what to paint’ and ‘what to pitch’ and what to think about buying when YOU are ready.
  • PRIORITIES – I love helping clients prioritize a room or entire house by talking through what items to do when and in what order so we  keep you on task and your project gets FINISHED!
  • POLISHING YOUR CURRENT LOOK – Speaking of getting finished, maybe you have worked a lot on your home and you love interior design but you just need an objective eye and few last suggestions to finish off a room or your entire home.  I can help give you  feedback so you can finish off your room(s) and make it really sing!

Email me via to find out more!

  • Simply CONTACT ME if you are interested in a consultation. You can use the form provided at the Request A Consultation page… or email,   We get many emails so please don’t be offended if we do not answer right away and we love emails where you explain about your project and why you want to work with Holly!
  • If you live locally we can schedule a visit in person.  This “local area” inludes Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Katy, The Woodlands, Magnolia, College Station and Brenham/Washington County.  Availability for these appointments is limited (as mentioned above) I do very few of these consults each month so email me asap if interestedONLINE CONSULTATIONS actually work very well. The process goes like this:
  • You send pictures and dimensions of the space.
  • I ask questions about your goals and likes/dislikes, uses for the space, etc.
  • You send pictures of things you want to use or could possibly use from other areas of your house.
  • We discuss budget considerations.
  • We shop online if needed, choose lighting for instance.
  • We choose a paint color if needed, after all, Lowes and Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams all have the same color swatches in stores whether it is Michigan or Texas so it is easy for us to be on the same page!
  • We DISCUSS via email, lots of email, so if you enjoy email and communicate well this way, then this is a good option for you..if you don’t do well with uploading photos and answering emails it might not be…because of the little ones, I am rarely available by phone but of course it is possible if needed.
  • Design boards help guide the process.

Using a designer is often a very wise decision because it enables you to avoid costly mistakes, complete projects and in the end, relax more and enjoy your home. Fees vary based on the scope of the project. You might want help with simply choosing a lamp or paint color, one particular room or the entire house!



I am currently working with clients all around the nation (did I just say that? hard to believe but it is true!) So, whether you are local or in another state, we can work together! From nurseries and dining rooms to shingle color or cabinet hardware, I would love to help you make your house . . . a home! You can read what clients have said here, and then contact me to start your consultation.

“Holly has vision! Moving into a house that hasn’t been touched since the 60’s, I was overwhelmed by dark wood paneling and orangey beams, but Holly instantly saw the potential of painting the paneling, darkening the beams, a great fabric for curtains, and voila – I went from feeling like the walls were closing in to loving our family room! She has always worked so well with what we have. We have a mutual understanding that while creating a space for your family is important, this is not our forever home. I love that our emails bounce back and forth from paint colors to an eternal perspective.” Dr. Patricia Bell in San Antonio

“I was so lost when building our new home, Holly even helped me choose the shingle color for my roof! We have worked together for the past three years on different projects in my home, and I am so pleased with the way everything has come together. Holly has beautiful ideas, but most importantly, she considers my taste in decorating and what works in my home for my family.” Pam in Texas

“The element I loved most about working with Holly is that she “got” what I wanted. Not only on the design side, but the budget side as well. The number one reason I chose Holly was because I knew by reading her blog she was real . . . I live in North Carolina and worked with Holly over e-mail, but I really felt like she was a dear old friend I had known for years. I not only love the advice she provided me and my new husband on our first home, but that she was willing to work at our pace. I would recommend her services to anyone!” Amanda in North Carolina

“I love my house! You’ve turned our house into the home I’ve always dreamed of. Collaborating with you has been a wonderful experience! You have a gift for creating a home that reflects the unique personality of your clients. Yo are such a blessing to me & my family!” Kelly in Bellaire

“Four years after seeing Holly’s home in BH&G I was thrilled to have the opportunity to have her consult with me about my home in Connecticut. She was integral in helping me to define my style and to execute the look I was trying to achieve. She literally changed my life and the life of my family. My husband said it was the best money we have ever spent on our house.” Catherine in Connecticut

“A couple of years ago our family moved into a newly constructed house. Instead of being excited I was completely overwhelmed. I began working with Holly and she helped me room by room with everything from draperies to art. I am very particular about my home so I know I’m not always easy to work with. Holly has been so patient and worked very hard to get things just the way I want them. She started out as my interior designer and has become my friend in the process. I have been so blessed by her! The house we moved into 2 years ago now reflects my family and our story. With Holly’s help our house has turned into a HOME.” Angie in Midland

“Working with Holly Mathis as an eclient has been such an amazing experience and so easy! She took the time up front to understand our family needs, our tastes, and our budget and then sent ideas for us to review. Because she really listened to our needs/wants at the beginning, we hardly had to tweak the initial concepts at all. She works quickly and was always available for questions or to review iphone pictures while I was shopping. I also loved that Holly wasn’t afraid to push me a little outside of my comfort zone with regards to fabric and accessories. Not only does Holly have great style, she is hands down one of the nicest people I have had the opportunity to work with and I’m looking forward to seeing her ideas for the other rooms in our house.” Kendra in Plano

“I stumbled across Holly’s blog earlier in the year when I was looking for ideas for re-doing our master bathroom and have been hooked ever since. I became a faithful reader for months then took a leap and emailed her for an online consultation regarding a new light fixture that I had been pondering for MONTHS. She was so patient with me as I emailed her every light I had saved as a “favorite” on my computer. In the end she helped me decide on the ABSOLUTELY most perfect light for our breakfast area. Even my husband loves that light. So far she has helped me with my children’s bedrooms and now my own bedroom…I say so far because I plan on asking for her help with every other room in our house! Every time I get an email from her I just giggle because although we live within driving distance, we’ve never met but I swear I feel like she knows me and what I’m about. She comes up with ideas I would never have thought of and can work with any budget. If you are on the fence as to whether to hire Holly you should definitely go for it…you will not be disappointed but will instead ask yourself why you hesitated in the first place.” Nancy in Houston