Holly Mathis Interiors occasionally does blogs posts highlighting sponsors who purchase ads.  Blogging and the internet are full of hyper links and much more tedious tracking that I frankly do not understand. I have been blogging ten years and as my business and family have grown I have not been able to evolve into a Pro blogger.  This has been my choice. I am a mother and decorator first and foremost yet I recognize the longevity of my site and blog audience I have built deserve stewardship and transparency.  I blog when I can to the best of my ability. I try to make decisions with integrity and keep things simple. As far as advertising and links, I simply work with a few local businesses to promote their products and shops because I believe in what they do and I love their style!  They do pay me fees for their ads and I will always disclose any products or paid advertising at the end of posts.  I also work with several online shops and ad networks such as google to help with the expense of maintaining the site. As a rule I do not do embedded links and no longer do giveaways.