A Christmas Favorite

As we all start getting out fave Christmas decorations, I can’t help but point to Lindsay Letters and all she has done and continues to do…this girl blows me away.  She was at the forefront of so much of the hand lettering and word art trend but I think her work transcends the trend.  And y’all I don’t think “word art” is a trend..WORDs are WORDS and they give life.  That is classic in my book. Our relationship started that day several years when I emailed her while thinking about my favorite Christmas hymn..”Could she put it on canvas?”…she is a YES person and it happened!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.04.15 PM

I still get emails from you all about this canvas! These words continue to put my heart on its knees…where I need to be all year long not just at Christmas!

And I love her photos below  . . .

{LL photography and styling in collaboration with Lark Photography}

 The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-CobaltCrossVertical

And let me just be honest here for a moment.  I am posting these gorgeous pictures not because Lindsay paid or asked me, she has more followers than me and its not even needed.  I am posting it because her work and these photos make me happy and honestly they inspire me to embark on a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and MEANINGFUL, this year more than ever.  If you are client, friend or long time reader you know last Christmas was hard for my family and this has been a hard year.  As I started decorating today, I declared this would be a happy decor year.  Heck I may order one of those felt pom pom ball garlands.  Not sure about that but I do know that any ornament or fussy bow or decoration that made me feel ick went back in the box!

          Listen to me girls {face in hands} YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE EVERY DECORATION EVERY YEAR, you don’t even have to get all of the “tubs” down.  KEEP IS SIMPLE, do what feels good for you and your family. I know its a cliche (keep is simple sister) and its been said before but I pray pray you and I and others can remember it when we feel that pit in our stomach when scrolling Pinterest or Instagram.  You are enough, your decorations are enough!;

And these words on canvas both above and below.  They have new meaning for me this year and they just may for you too.  Words matter.  These words of faith matter most.

Light came into this world to pierce darkness.  forever.  and i am grateful.  so grateful.  More grateful for that than old rugs and good fabric.

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-Darkness-Print (1)

So there you go.  That is how I am doing here..just wanted to give quick update.

Now back to Lindsay Letters, I love when she started doing other fonts and typeface and abstracts, it all mixes so well.

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-BlackTreeWithPinkYellowChair

More magic she created with Gwen.

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-Floral-Black and White-Dining Room

O Night Divine indeed!

The Makerista-Lindsay Letters-Holiday-Shoot

Her collaborations with other bloggers and designers show unity and how her work is loved everywhere..I hate to use the word transcend again but she does..age, denominations…preppy, hipster, traditional..we can all use these words and designs..love that. Good job Lindsay as you continue to grow and evolve!~

And these 12 days prints below . . . I am ordering them to put on the wall in my new studio with washi tape..quick easy and festive!

   Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.04.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.04.49 PM

This stamp I am loving this year too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.05.05 PM

Another fave are these Hawaiian prints below..Aunt Kim is so getting this for her December birthday from the boys..she loves Hawaii and I think she will love this!

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.05.31 PM

And these tags.  PERFECTION.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.05.57 PM \

And did you know she just gave birth to a beautiful boy? But before she took off for maternity leave (are you really taking any time off other than the delivery day LL?) Lindsay styled and created all of this beauty! And there is a sale on NOW…not sure how long it lasts but try the code MERRY10 and be sure and follow her on Instagram so you can see the baby and all she does..LL is down to earth, real but creative and inspiring..that is a rare combo! Happy first week of Crazy December y’all! Go in grace and be gentle on yourself!

The Gathering 2015 * Round Top


Finally posting about this amazing evening that was held during the recent Texas Antiques Week in Round Top, Texas.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.06.20 AM

Just look at this group of creative women…I am so grateful I was asked to be a part.


Beauty and refreshment at every corner. Lovely programs and “Jesus and coffee” pencils..perfect;


Most important, this meeting of sisters, dreamers & makers, hosted by Tara Royer Steel of Royers Pie Haven, was cloaked in prayer.


{Thank you Merritt Johnston for this beautiful prayer…what a gift}

The setting was beautiful..that girl Tara and her team have such a way creating an EFFORTLESS, casual yet so beautiful spread and atmosphere! After a crazy week I felt myself just exhale and relax the moment I arrived.  Isn’t that beauty should do to us?? Inspire, relax, comfort.


The precious Randi Hamlyn of One Fine Day shown below … did so much of the organization and work for this event..such a sweet spirit.  And that camera.. I didn’t even know such working cuteness existed…what a great idea for name tags!


To see God give birth to something in Tara’s heart for an event like this and watch her be faithful and step out in faith and DO IT, was amazing!


Here Tara is pictured above with the beautiful Paige Hull of the Vintage Round Top and Pamela Hamza of Stuck on the Word. And below with more beautiful ladies.  THOSE FLOWERS Y’ALL. AND THE CAKES…not only did we have pie but there was CAKE!


Beautiful cakes from the Bake Shoppe & Cafe in Cypress, Texas.


So what happened besides a pretty setting and pretty tables, wonderful women and food.

Well there was amazing worship by Debbie Forrest Byrd


…it was good so good…and honestly got me in a much needed place for the stress of the week. Follow Debbie’s facebook page to hear the song she wrote from the event coming soon!

And then various women spoke…specifically these women below including me which was scary (I took makeup remover pads because I just knew I would ugly cry but then I didn’t, strange)..we just spoke about our creative journey and the story God is writing in each of our lives.


{Speakers from back row: Tara Royer Steele, Paige Hull of Vintage Round Top, Andrea Morris from the Shop Gnomadic Fashion Truck, Elizabeth Tooley, Dr Karen Royer, then me and to my left is Randi Hamlyn; bottom row from left Brandi Harper from Spellbound, Pamela Hamza and Lisa Fields from Lucky Star Art Camp)

We spoke about the good and bad. And He was glorified I think.  I hope.  I know I left feeling encouraged and less alone.  Isn’t that what the church is about…community, encouraging, building up, pointing to our Creator and Savior and leaving us wanting more and to be better stewards of our time, talents and dreams.


And THEN THIS GIRL Elizabeth Tooley BROUGHT it at the end with the humor AND the word about how at the end of the day as much as we love to talk about what we do or want to do or could do…. we ARE NOT JUST WHAT WE DO…we are first called to LOVE PEOPLE.  SO GOOD.  Sometimes us creatives feel we must DO DO DO and produce and create and this reminder about LOVING PEOPLE was so spot on to round out the night. You don’t have to have a business or a “thing” it’s okay.  God calls us to different things and seasons but ALL TO LOVE.

        Thank you Tara and all of the sponsors and donors that worked hard to make this event happen…follow The Gathering Round Top on instagram and facebook for updates on future dates!

OH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…shout out to Dixie Ray Photography for the amazing images…you are pure sunshine and old soul wisdom and beauty Dixie!

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