CONSULTATION is a great way to move forward in defining and implementing your vision of what you want for your home.  There are many ways I can help you through this process, such as:

  • FINDING YOUR STYLE – Maybe you aren’t even sure what look you want or like or why?  Maybe you feel as if you like everything and can’t commit or make decisions to move forward in your design.  I can help listen about the things you do like and help you define your look and make it work.
  • SHOPPING – Maybe you know what you like but are just busy and don’t have the time to find it or perhaps you have no clue where to start. Whether in person or online I can help source items for your home.  If you live locally, I can also help direct you to craftsmen, sewing workrooms and upholstery and slipcover sources.
  • USING WHAT YOU HAVE – Whether it is for one room or your entire house, I can help you decide ‘what to paint’ and ‘what to pitch’ and what to think about buying when YOU are ready.
  • PRIORITIES – I love helping clients prioritize a room or entire house by talking through what items to do when and in what order so we  keep you on task and your project gets FINISHED!
  • POLISHING YOUR CURRENT LOOK – Speaking of getting finished, maybe you have worked a lot on your home and you love interior design but you just need an objective eye and few last suggestions to finish off a room or your entire home.  I can help give you  feedback so you can finish off your room(s) and make it really sing!

I do not offer full-service design services at this time but I do offer consults where I advise and work with YOU to achieve your goals.

  • Simply CONTACT ME if you are interested in a consultation. You can use the form provided at the Request A Consultation page..
  • If you live locally we can schedule a visit in person.  This “local area” inludes Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Katy, The Woodlands, Magnolia, College Station and Brenham/Washington County.  Availability for these appointments is limited (as mentioned above) I do very few of these consults each month so email me asap if interestedONLINE CONSULTATIONS actually work very well. The process goes like this:
  • You send pictures and dimensions of the space.
  • I ask questions about your goals and likes/dislikes, uses for the space, etc.
  • You send pictures of things you want to use or could possibly use from other areas of your house.
  • We discuss budget considerations.
  • We shop online if needed, choose lighting for instance.
  • We choose a paint color if needed, after all, Lowes and Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams all have the same color swatches in stores whether it is Michigan or Texas so it is easy for us to be on the same page!
  • We DISCUSS via email, lots of email, so if you enjoy email and communicate well this way, then this is a good option for you..if you don’t do well with uploading photos and answering emails it might not be…because of the little ones, I am rarely available by phone but of course it is possible if needed.
  • Design boards help guide the process.

Using a designer is often a very wise decision because it enables you to avoid costly mistakes, complete projects and in the end, relax more and enjoy your home. Fees vary based on the scope of the project. You might want help with simply choosing a lamp or paint color, one particular room or the entire house!


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