I am a native Texan and love my home state deeply, I love the people more.  Please consider giving to some of these efforts as Texans begin a long road to recovery. The big city needs help, the little towns need help. Help rebuild homes on the Texas Gulf Coast!

*****Update Sept 18, 2017

The grassroots efforts of my friend Becki Griffin of Curious Details and Designer Robin Jackson of Austin have really come together and paid off…keep giving if and where you can…

Becki’s gift card page is an easy way!

Go here to read Robin’s account and see videos of the work she and Becki and YOU THAT GAVE accomplished this weekend..its pretty amazing what can happen with social media and love…so much more to do.

HOW TO HELP by Becki Griffin 

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a very generous response to my request for gift cards in small denominations to donate to the flood victims in my small hometown, Vidor, Texas.

This is a very simple grassroots efforts and is an easy way to put a little money into the hands of people that need help immediately. 

The problems small towns face in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey are huge. A lack of housing for those displaced by the flood, a shortage of building materials, slow insurance claims processing if they’re insured at all (and most aren’t).

There is a small amount of financial aid available via the Red Cross and Salvation Army but their systems can’t keep up with the need and people who have lost everything are left with what volunteers have brought in for them. 

If you or a group of friends would like to collect gift cards in small denominations to donate, I am delivering them personally for as long as I possibly can and putting them directly into the hands of people that need them.

Gift cards from WalMart, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace Hardware are a great option. You can easily grab a gift card from the grocery store while you’re there. 

If you’d like more information, please email me at becki@curiousdetails.com and I will be happy to coordinate a collection and delivery for you. It’s very easy!

Let’s help our small Texas towns!  click here to go to original post


And there are places for you to help everywhere big and small, in the small towns and in the cities…neighborhoods where you wouldn’t think there is need but there is need there too.


*****COMING SOON INFO ON DONATING GENTLY USED FURNITURE TO PAISLEY HOUSE FOR FAMILIES IN NEED IN THE MEMORIAL AREA…in the words of Paisley House owner Joanie Scaff “Memorial took a bullet for the city” when they took the flooding from local reservoirs. Many homes in the Memorial and outlying areas flooded that HAD NEVER FLOODED BEFORE, many people had 4-5′ of water in their homes and no flood insurance …Follow @paisley_house_houston on Instagram for more info ASAP on how to help in that Houston neighborhood!


First Posted Sept 4, 2017 by Holly Mathis Interiors

Consider a three prong approach to helping if you can:

(1.) BIG  Donate to large organizations or non-profits like the Red Cross, Samaritans Purse or JJ Watt’s Foundation

(2.) LOCAL Donate locally to one of the many local church and  agencies that will be here involved in lives for the long haul such as Focusing Families in Waller County or some of the hard hit counties and overlooked places and small towns along the coast such as Wharton, Rockport, Porter and many many more.  Read a post about Vidor near Beaumonth here by friend Becki Griffin who took this photos below in her hometown on Sept 3.

Photo by Becki Griffin

(3.) SPECIFIC find a specific family or need via your friends and family or social media connections…commit to specifically lifting this person/family/need in prayer and in specific help whether its literal hands and feet, emails, help with insurance claims or design or legal help down the road or financially.

         With intention and commitment people can truly make a difference even though the vastness of this tragedy and need are so overwhelming.


My clients the Clarkes are members (Brandon is an Elder in fact) of this church and I can vouch they are solid. I have deep love and respect for this family and how they love people and Houston. Christ Community Church is located in the heart of much of the flooding and where recovery will be needed for months and possibly years. 


A specific need and family I am asking my clients and readers to help with if you can, if interested please read the Ratcliff story here.

and go here to donate to their recovery


More info coming soon from individual designers and makers all over the country who want to help families rebuild with their specific talent and building materials . . . if you want to be a part of this effort to help people plan and rebuild their homes please leave a comment here. If you have a specific need you can email me via holly@hollymathisinteriors.com or leave a comment here and I will try to connect you with people eager to help you remodel and rebuild once your immediate needs and concerns are met. YOU ARE NOT ALONE~God sees you and many care and are trying to get the word out and find the help you need to rebuild your home and communities.