Toy storage

So it was sort of an ironic joke with contacted me for ideas for organizing toys. 

 Remember this post

BUT I remembered I did have the old crates below.

When I saw these old crates I loved the colors and feel..I bought them to use for centerpieces or utensils/organization for Henry’s birthday party but they didn’t really work..but then I had an idea, add casters!

We simply added $1 casters from easy! And honestly, this is about as complex as the DIY gets around our house but we did it!

And now we have toy storage, particulary for legos… the sectioned crate works great for sorting (not that I sorted them;) and as a safe keeping place for lego art!

This is a big issue at our house..the need for a safe keeping zone for lego creations…DO NOT TOUCH!;; Big brother really likes that sign and can use the crate as a diorama for creating and slide it under the bed for safekeeping…It’s like a little lego table within a box…no lifting and risking it breaking a part.  I don’t about your house but that can cause big drama around here.

Drew playing legos!

Baby Henry has a cart too…No there are no sharp edges, I checked!

Slides right under the bed..they haven’t realized they can race them yet..I am sure that is coming!;;

Thanks for looking! Remember sometimes its ok to think INSIDE the box!  Many containers that were originally meant for other things can be repurposed for unique toy storage!


What unique ways have you discovered for storing toys??  Of course in my opinion nothing beats a BIG BASKET, more on the perfect basket later. 

 But for now, tell me about YOUR TOY STORAGE IDEAS?

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  1. Fun idea. Those would be great for girl toys as well for things like doll clothes; art supplies; or nail polish and supplies! We use all sorts of baskets and bins. I use the see-through containers from bedding for doll hair accessories, that’s our big problem.

  2. I don’t really have any toy storage solutions, as I am about 20 years past this stage. (I think we used a lot of baskets with lids and such.) I do have a coke crate that I was thinking about getting rid of, but now I will keep it and maybe even look for a couple more. Someday, I will have grands and then I will use this fantastic idea! Wonderful, just wonderful storage!

  3. I’m totally stealing this idea. Love it! Including the “do not touch” sign. Many tears have been shed when Charlie wrecks one of Andrew’s new creations.

  4. Love it! We use old Coke & Pepsi crates (without the dividers) for books in my son’s room. I never thought about putting casters on them, I think I’ll steal that idea! Thanks Holly!

  5. Ha ha! That was my first thought! My boys would race them around the house! Great idea though. Love that they slide right under the bed.


  6. LOVING This idea! Thank you! and the HGTV thing, so cool! Congrats!

  7. holly i LOVE this idea!!!!

  8. Do you have more photos of your sons room? I am currently creating a “big boy” room for my son and this is very similar to what I have in mind. I’ve searched over your blog but didn’t see anything.

  9. Kerry..i will be posting more soon of Drew’s new space..thanks for asking!

  10. I love this idea! I have several Coke crates lying around, so I might put some casters on them. I have used an old steamer trunk, metal ammunition boxes from Army/Navy and I decorated an old electricians tool box for books and stuffed animals in my sons’ rooms.

  11. Love this idea! I have a few old crates that my grandfather gave me and they are just sitting in the garage- no I have something to do with them! Thanks!

  12. Genius idea!

    We had built-ins installed in the boys small playroom, then I could hide away all the ugly!

  13. Love this idea! I have an old coca cola crate with dividers that I use on the counter next to my stove to hold spices that I regularly use. It takes up most of the space, but because of the way the kitchen is configured, I can’t use it for prep work.

    Next stop, casters!

  14. what a great idea! I can’t get enough of these crates and now I have a reason to search for more 🙂

  15. I use vinatge suitcases for toys. It works great for blocks, dress-up clothes, dolls and clothes… you name it. I like how it fits under the bed and keeps things dust free … I live in the desert so dust is always an issue.

  16. copy alert!! i have to find these crates and do this! thanks so much for the inspiration!!! i am hoping to get some antique finding in when we go to vermont lake country and now i have a goal. thank you so much!!!

  17. So, you have had these for awhile now…does it really work to keep the Legos up? My husband and daughter are very skeptical of any lego organizing system, but I am dying to find one!

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  4. […] easily roll under the bed or out of the way whenever it’s bedtime or party time.  Learn more about this project! Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin […]

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