Kitchen perfection

The fabric.

The booth seating.

The lighting.

The use of space and restraint….perfection!

The designer.

Tobi Fairly, of course. See more here.

{photography by Nancy Nolan}

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  1. fabric source asap! yellow or blue? I’m sold. ;o) love it. Oh my gosh . . . just got another idea. Emailing you now.

  2. And I love the creamy backsplash – not too white. Beautiful kitchen!

  3. I was looking at this last night…and I love it. One of my friends sent me the At Home in Arkansas this house is featured in just yesterday. I’m trying to wait to look at it until I’m on the plane for our trip, but I doubt I’ll be able to last that long!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. I love this kitchen! It is going in my inspiration stash. However, I couldn’t get the “more here” link to work.

  6. you can find out more about the fabrics (lee jofa i think??) here

  7. heavenly! love Lee Jofa.

  8. Love the backs of those barstools and how it is repeated at the table.

  9. So much to like here! I am really captured by the bench at the end of the bar that so subtly adds to the beautiful table – oval table of all things. It’s just a nifty arrangement. I also like the drapes hung from just below the crown modeling.

  10. I like the colors, especially that backsplash as well. I don’t like a cooktop on the island and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sit across from the cooktop. Although I like the bench at the end of the island I wouldn’t want to be sitting in front of the oven either. Looks cramped.

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