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One of my new year’s resolutions has been to blog finally (mid Feb) I MAY (no promises) be getting revved up.  One of the priorities and goals in this plan to blog more is to highlight creatives and friends I admire and want to recommend and tell you all about.  First on that list is my dear friend and former client Nancy of The Decor Detective.


She is from Savannah and loves blue and white so of course we immediately bonded! Nancy was one of my first clients YEARS ago!

I will be honest sometimes it stings (or it used to before divorce, doesn’t really both me anymore, hello #perspective) or is a tad awkward when a former client or someone I consulted with goes on to do their own design or styling business.  But never the case with Nancy.  And truthfully I am super busy anyway and there is room for ALL OF US in this big sea of making the world beautiful one little home at a time.  SO instead of competing let’s choose to encourage the ones we respect and admire and look forward to watching GROWTH and success! There is room for everyone and we all have our unique talents and niches!

So back to Nancy, I mean look at this bathroom she just did…so fun!

the decor detective;

The before and after is insane! Did I mention that Nancy was a Chemist (yes a chemist) in her former life before kids so of course she is great at the details!

before and after powder room reno

I love the Albert Hadley-esque wallpaper…she shares the sources on her blog.

the decor detective;

the decor detective;

Bathroom photos by Haley Ottmann Photography 

Did I mention she has three boys…she understands how a real family lives and how hard we can be on our homes. I love these silhouettes below…Nancy loves color! So interesting to me, she has such a sweet and kind and meek personality but she loves bold color and just ask her about DARING GREATLY!  She has inspired me so much the past few years! She may seem quiet and calm and meek but she is a strong woman and mama and now stylist!



If you live in the Houston area of Bellaire or West Univesity, Nancy can help you find the perfect faucet or mirror or fabric.  She is so good at her detective work she often helps ME source stuff or go to stores “in town” if I don’t have time because she will be “on it” and sniff it out like a pro!  On top of that talent she is maybe the kindest person EVER. I am serious.  Like I said, she has three boys and I love talking to her about parenting too.  She just has a heart of GOLD and a great eye and heart! She is just starting out but I know she can handle your project and if she is unsure or you are unsure I am happy to collaborate with y’all on a project…I believe in her character and abilities that much1

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.58.29 PMScreen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.58.35 PM

The truth is I live in Brenham now, further from Houston than ever and I can take less and less jobs inside the loop so I am thrilled to tell you about Nancy. And look at all of her cute packages she offers more here…I love the names and descriptions!  Brilliant Nancy!

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  1. So kind of you to promote her and I agree about promoting one another. If you are a kind, professional, ethical person you will have work even if you promote ‘”competitors!” So many people on IG and in blogs will not respond to simple questions – a paint color or a simple source. I love your work and story even more! I’m hopping over to look at her pics but I’ll still love seeing your work, too! And seriously – perspective!!

  2. Holly,
    I always love what you share with us. Your style is still my favorite, but wouldn’t it be boring if we all decorated the exact same?! 🙂 It’s nice to meet new talent, thank you.

  3. Lisa Sraders says

    THIS is the way you are as a godly woman. I so appreciate you, and simply ADORE your design. I have a very ‘organic’ interior design consultation “business”, and all I want to do is just help my girlfriends pull the trigger on design. We are all on the same team! I learn so much from you and SO appreciate how you respond to our questions and just share your heart. You are one of my FAVorite bloggers/designers..blessings, lady!

  4. thank you for your kind words Holly. you’ve inspired me since before i even met you in person all those years ago. i am honored by your friendship and your mentorship to me in this new venture.


  5. Elizabeth Kring says

    Holly, you are so kind. How awesome of you to promote her

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